Replace fear with curiosity and see what it yields

Whoa there!

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.
James Stephens

Feeling fearful about something overwhelming or unknown?

It may be a project or a goal.

Or it could be a surprising circumstance like the one shown in the photo, a time when I heard hooves running toward me. Surprised and frightened, I could see mountain goats suddenly running my way.

When I realized there was little I could do (I knew I couldn’t outrun them…but I was taller, at least), I grabbed my camera and let my curiosity…and the desire for a good photo…take the lead.

(Cameras are just one of the tools that encourage curiosity, by the way).

While it’s easy to say, try replacing fear with curiosity, even briefly.

You may be surprised at what the change yields.

Curiosity, once engaged, can be a very powerful force.

And you can always return to the fear-driven way, if you miss it. Until then, even briefly, set fear aside.

Relax, and let curiosity guide your way.

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