Keep going

Are you facing a challenge that’s bigger than any you’ve ever experienced?

Keep going.

Has a creative project become a mystery, your inspiration and output completely blocked?

Keep going.

Or, is the great outcome of a project something you envision and expect…except that you have no idea how you’ll “pull it off,” in the end?

Keep going.

To do so, try this:

1. Recall a time when you overcame resistance, a creative block, or discouragement. Remember how you handled it.

2. Consider a challenge you’re facing now.

3. Let the “keep going” thought wash over you. Sit with it for a bit.

4. Pause to let your next most obvious step become apparent.

5. Take that step. Do it as well as you can.

6. Repeat the process until solid momentum returns, or you achieve success…whichever comes first.

Keep going.

Refuse to be turned away, defeated, or denied access to success that can be yours, with enough focus and effort.

Keep going.

Realize that if your goal is truly inspiring, there will be times when you want to give up, or turn back.

Keep going.

Dreams aren’t easy things to reach, hold, or have.

Keep going.

Success may be just around the bend.

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